Top escorts reveal what women really want in bed

Unless you and your partners are all about open sexual communication, it might be incredibly hard to figure out each other desires, fantasies, wills and won’ts, as well as many shades of maybes. And while guys are pretty straightforward, girls can be very complicated.

More than 30% of women have trouble reaching orgasm and half of all women are too shy to tell what turns them on. Do you want to know what she really wants in bed? These top male and female escorts share their secrets and reveal how to make her happy every time.

  1. Start slowly

Unlike guys, girls need some time before getting down to business. Male escorts know that women want spend time with them before heading to the bedroom so they try to include “boyfriend experience” as well. It might be anything like watching TV or cooking dinner together. Some of top escorts even admit that they don’t always have sex with their clients.

  1. Go down

More than 75 percent of all women never reach orgasm from intercourse alone, so you have to play with her clit. And give her some time – female orgasms only get better with age. Ask any experienced female escort and she will admit that with age her sex life only improved —specifically the quality and frequency of orgasms.

  1. Let her be in control

Of course, every girl dreams about a confident experienced man who can take charge in a bedroom. But variety is a spice of life, right? If you are not afraid to get a little kinky, let her be in control. You’ll be surprised how switching roles in a bedroom can improve sex life for both of you!

  1. Role-play and toys

First of all, make sure she’s down with it before you start pulling her hair or spanking her, but as long as its consensual, most girls simply love it. Believe us, whatever you can do to make your sex life a little bit edgier will definitely level up the experience. Both male and female escorts agree that after the incredible popularity of movies like “50 Shades of Grey” more and more women want to feel dirty in a bedroom.

Speaking about toys, shopping in a sex shop together can be a good start. To get her going, ask her about her fantasies or favorite porn videos/categories. Watching some edgy porn video or a movie together will help you both to get into the mood.

  1. Be more vocal

Girls just love hearing their partner moan when they do something that feels extra good. Vocalizing your reaction will make a girl feel extra special and confident, but it’s also a great way to let you partner know whether or not you like what she is doing.

  1. Kiss her

Kissing is very, very intimate. A lot of female escorts can do anything – literally anything – except kissing with their clients. It’s a closeness that is personal, passionate, and it’s not for everyone. So if you want to let her know that she is special, kiss her deeply and slowly to elevate the whole experience.