The top 10 hottest places to have sex in 2018

Of course, you can always do it in the bed but it’s not going to be as fun as having sex on a desolate beach, in a hammock, a yurt or a tree house. Our list of crazy places to have sex in 2018 includes all the hottest destinations like the Burning Man, Hawaii, and a music festival on a cruise ship. Where are you going to have sex this year? Take your pick!

  1. Treehouse

Have you ever lived in a real tree house? The one your dad built when you were five years old doesn’t count. On Airbnb, you can find the stunning tree houses in California, Colorado, or near the beaches of South Carolina.

  1. Groove Cruise

A music festival on a cruise ship is an amazing experience by itself, but having sex in a middle of nowhere while listening to world-famous DJs is even better!

  1. Burning Men

Burning Man is famous for their unique atmosphere, anarchy, drugs, weird costumes, and happy hippies who were waiting for this festival the whole year. Three things you’re almost guaranteed to see at Burning Man: a first-timer who has no idea what’s going on, crowds of men “cock shirting” (wearing a t-shirt only), and a couple having sex in plain view.

  1. Near the Bioluminescent Bay

Experience the magic of Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico, one out of three with bioluminescent bays of the island.

  1. Hawaii

Stunning tropical islands have been a hideout for off-the-grid hippies and artists since the ‘60s. Hawaiian islands are still the popular honeymoon destination.

  1. Yurt

On Airbnb, you can rent yurts in the United States from $20 per night. From a Malibu yurt retreat on the organic farm to the Mongolian yurt near Lake Tahoe, the options are limitless.

  1. Firefly Music Festival

Another great place for music lovers, Firefly is a 3-day music festival in the forest. It’s well known for amazing lineups, drugs, and world-famous stars who want to go wild but remain incognito.

  1. Near the waterfall

There are plenty of stunning waterfalls in America like Havasu Falls, Yosemite Falls, Nevada Fall, and more. Having sex near some misty waterway full of wild plants, cliffs and jungle peaks is something you will never forget.

  1. On a beach

Let’s be honest – for many people, having sex on a beach is more about crossing an item off of your bucket list than having an incredible sexual experience. While there are a lot of risks associated with beach sex, the empty beach us still one of the most romantic places out there.

  1. In the desert in Utah

The remote canyons in Utah and Arizona are incredibly romantic. Today, they become more accessible thanks to Airbnb and the unique accommodations of Amangiri. This luxury 600-acre getaway offers private rooms with a patio, fire pit, and glass walls so you can enjoy endless views of the empty desert.