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Danish women reveal their “perfect man” preferences

It’s evident that interracial dating becomes more popular in Europe, especially in Denmark. Every year, the number of interracial marriages increases while societal prejudice towards people in interracial marriages declines. Danish women become more attracted to young African men and black men are more interested in white women. Why? Let’s find it out.

While everyone has their own preferences when it comes to a romantic partner, Danish prostitutes agree that they prefer black clients. For the purpose of this article, we interviewed top Danish escorts and asked them what makes black men more appealing to many Danish girls.

It all begins with sexual attraction

When asked what exactly they love about young African men, Danish girls have different answers. Some of them are attracted to them because of their appearance. A lot of girls mention the color of the skin, height, full lips, and nice body. After that, a lot of them add that black men are, well, “gifted.” You know what we are talking about and there is no doubt that these guys know how to make any girl happy. However, it’s not only about their looks.

Danish escorts also noted their attitude and how they respect local prostitutes and women in general. “They care about you and often want you to climax first”- said one of the girls who is extremely attracted to black men. The way a man treats his mother is also a sign of how he views all women, and all African men respect their moms a lot. What’s sexier than that?

It seems like all Danish girls also love the way African guys move. Black men walk like they own the place—and they do. And nothing can stop these guys when it comes to dancing – black men make the perfect partners both on a dance floor and in bed. Speaking about that, different experts have ascribed sexual satisfaction as the major reason white women date black men. More and more women in Denmark want to meet black guys. Some girls even said that white men are not masculine enough compared with the black guys and while a lot depends on a person, there is some truth to that as well.

The fact that black men have better libido than white men has contributed to this trend. In Denmark, a lot of girls have recently added “to have sex with a black man” to their bucket list. On the other hand, some girls agree that white men are better when it comes to foreplay. Nevertheless, they still prefer strong and long-lasting blacks. As one escort from Denmark said “I love getting black clients. When a black guy messages me online, I can be 100% sure that I’ll have a good time tonight.”

The top 10 hottest places to have sex in 2018

Of course, you can always do it in the bed but it’s not going to be as fun as having sex on a desolate beach, in a hammock, a yurt or a tree house. Our list of crazy places to have sex in 2018 includes all the hottest destinations like the Burning Man, Hawaii, and a music festival on a cruise ship. Where are you going to have sex this year? Take your pick!

  1. Treehouse

Have you ever lived in a real tree house? The one your dad built when you were five years old doesn’t count. On Airbnb, you can find the stunning tree houses in California, Colorado, or near the beaches of South Carolina.

  1. Groove Cruise

A music festival on a cruise ship is an amazing experience by itself, but having sex in a middle of nowhere while listening to world-famous DJs is even better!

  1. Burning Men

Burning Man is famous for their unique atmosphere, anarchy, drugs, weird costumes, and happy hippies who were waiting for this festival the whole year. Three things you’re almost guaranteed to see at Burning Man: a first-timer who has no idea what’s going on, crowds of men “cock shirting” (wearing a t-shirt only), and a couple having sex in plain view.

  1. Near the Bioluminescent Bay

Experience the magic of Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico, one out of three with bioluminescent bays of the island.

  1. Hawaii

Stunning tropical islands have been a hideout for off-the-grid hippies and artists since the ‘60s. Hawaiian islands are still the popular honeymoon destination.

  1. Yurt

On Airbnb, you can rent yurts in the United States from $20 per night. From a Malibu yurt retreat on the organic farm to the Mongolian yurt near Lake Tahoe, the options are limitless.

  1. Firefly Music Festival

Another great place for music lovers, Firefly is a 3-day music festival in the forest. It’s well known for amazing lineups, drugs, and world-famous stars who want to go wild but remain incognito.

  1. Near the waterfall

There are plenty of stunning waterfalls in America like Havasu Falls, Yosemite Falls, Nevada Fall, and more. Having sex near some misty waterway full of wild plants, cliffs and jungle peaks is something you will never forget.

  1. On a beach

Let’s be honest – for many people, having sex on a beach is more about crossing an item off of your bucket list than having an incredible sexual experience. While there are a lot of risks associated with beach sex, the empty beach us still one of the most romantic places out there.

  1. In the desert in Utah

The remote canyons in Utah and Arizona are incredibly romantic. Today, they become more accessible thanks to Airbnb and the unique accommodations of Amangiri. This luxury 600-acre getaway offers private rooms with a patio, fire pit, and glass walls so you can enjoy endless views of the empty desert.



Escort Do’s and Don’ts

Most people know to behave at the restaurants and shops. Tipping a server or being nice to a salesperson is usually a no-brainer, but not everyone knows how to behave when hiring an escort. What can you ask for and what is completely inappropriate? Where is the fine line that separates a loyal customer from a rude asshole? If you are not sure how to treat an escort girl, this useful guide is here to help!

For this article, we asked top female escorts, Dutch prostitutes, and strippers to tell us what men should and shouldn’t do when they are enjoying their services. We also included the profiles of those hot girls who helped to create this guide at the bottom of this page, so you can check them out later!


  1. Be respectful

Being respectful both on the phone and in emails can do wonders because all escort girls love polite clients. A nice email that includes more than a few details also goes a long way. In addition to introducing yourself, try to include more information about yourself like your age, height, or occupation. And, of course, be polite as you would be with other strangers.

  1. Mention your special request beforehand

All girls are different but a lot of them can agree to try something new with you, be it a sexy outfit, costume, or some unusual settings. However, you need to discuss it with them beforehand and be understanding if the girl is not ready.

  1. Learn more about the girl and read her bio carefully

Before you see the girl, make sure you know her boundaries and respect them. The fact that she is an escort doesn’t mean that she can do anything you want. Often, the girls include all restrictions and rules in their bios online so read it carefully! Asking for a service she has never advertised providing is rude and inappropriate. It also forces a girl go into “protective” mode. And you don’t want to be that guy, right?

  1. Take a shower

Of course, all girls prefer clean, well-groomed men, so try to prepare for this as you would for any other date. Many escorts also recommend trimming and shaving a day before the appointment, since the last thing you want (safety wise) is an open cut before sex with any new partner, not just an escort.


  • Use too much cologne, aftershave, or deodorant.
  • Barter (woman’s rates are often non-negotiable).
  • Bring drinks, food, or flowers unless you discussed it with a girl before an appointment.
  • Ask a girl how many clients she has seen that day or how long she has been doing it. More often than not, this isn’t really a good topic for a friendly conversation. While some girls are eager to talk about their start in the escort industry, many are not. Let her bring it up only if she wants to.
  • Ask personal questions about her real life, boyfriends, etc.
  • Try to have sex with her without a condom.
  • Stay longer than you were supposed to.  What you book is what you get, unless you are ready to pay extra.