Vanessa Hessler Caught on Sex Tape with Miley Cyrus

New Vanessa Hessler scandal just hit the radar as the “Miley Cyrus sex tape” is being exposed to the public.

download (17)Vanessa Hessler is best known for her role in Asterix at the Olympic Games, but her ongoing scandals is also a big part of her history.

UPDATE 12.02.2014: This story seems to be fake.

Apparently Vanessa and Miley hit it off on the dance floor of the Westway Nightclub this weekend and got caught in the act, leading to a sex tape.


Vanessa Sextape going viral on social media

Pop stars going naked is historically very popular on social media sites. Ofcourse this is also the case for this new hot celeb sex recording.

Facebook and Twitter is just some of the big medias where men are going crazy, eager to see the two hot sex bombs doing the dirty stuff on the dancefloor of Westway NY.



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