School daze

by Ben Crystal

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Let’s get this out of the way. The kid in the now-infamous Spring Valley High School videos may well have been a mouthy, obnoxious and disrespectful little twerp. Furthermore, she not only needed a severe correction; she needed it well before the incident, which has thrown another log on America’s racial fire.

However, there is no justification for the beating she endured at the hands of now-former Deputy Ben Fields of the Richland County, South Carolina, Sheriff’s Department. No matter how smarmy some snot-nosed teenager might be, even if she’s burning off the teacher’s time, the class time and her own time, there’s never a moment in which it’s appropriate for a law enforcement officer to try out his best WWE moves in order to bring her to heel — even if she takes a swing at him, as we have all now learned she did in precipitating the latest political theater.

With that in mind, let’s try to remember that a cop who got handsy with some high school kid is hardly the societal bellwether the perpetually aggrieved set would like you to believe it to be. The Spring Valley High School incident is no metaphor for any epidemic of bigoted rogue cops throwing around heroic children who stood up to The Man.

Indeed, the assault at Spring Valley High deserves none of the notoriety it currently enjoys; and that’s the real lesson we should glean therefrom. An overindulged, under-disciplined child pushed her teacher to the breaking point; and he called the cops. When a cop arrived, the child mimicked the only examples she’s likely experienced; and the cop took his response too far. There is no reason to set off the racial air-raid sirens every time some brat gets sideways with authority — even if the brat is some Nubian princess and the authority is some putty-faced bridge troll with an overdeveloped sense of classroom order.

Note how quickly the narrative changes to allow the usual suspects to continue their ludicrous fad of setting off the racial air-raid sirens every time some putty-faced bridge troll so much as looks askance at some proud Nubian prince or princess. If the video from Spring Valley High had shown some country club scion taking a swing at a black police officer and ending up on the business end of a beating, Spring Valley High School would be just another cage filled with teenage angst and hormones.

Racism still exists in America; as does stupidity. What we saw in Spring Valley High School was clearly the latter. What we’re seeing in response to Spring Valley High School is, too.

–Ben Crystal



Source: Personalliberty