Germany brings out water cannons…against the German people

By Carol Brown

A small group of protestors in Germany took to the streets this weekend to protest the mass rapes that Muslim colonizers perpetuated against native German women on New Year’s Eve. But the German government would have none of it. So they brought in huge water cannons that rolled through the street and shot water at the protestors, forcing them to disperse.

One wonders: where were the water cannons on New Year’s eve when thousands of Muslim men roamed in gangs of 30-40 and hunted women down, surrounding them, and inflicted all manner of sexual assault including groping, fondling, pulling their hair, spitting on them, calling them names, throwing firecrackers at them, stripping them, and raping them.

Germany is moving aggressively to silence dissent against Merkel’s policy to flood Germany (and the rest of Europe) with millions of imports from Islamic lands. Silencing anyone who questions Merkel’s policies likely contributed to (partially, if not entirely) the Cologne chief of police lying about what unfolded in Cologne on New Year’s eve and the mayor of Cologne (who appears to be as certifiably insane as Merkel) blaming rape victims for being raped

One wonders which is more deadly: the teachings of the Quran or the West’s desire to destroy itself? Without a doubt, these two elements have formed an evil alliance that is mind boggling to witness.

As awful as the government’s use of water cannons against its people was, the media coverage of it was just as horrible. This CNN reporter was in full Goebbels mode:

There’s a lot of anger and that is what this is. There’s a lot of anger and what these assaults have done, is they’ve fed into the fears of people and it’s given them an excuse, an opportunity, to come out onto the streets like this and vent their frustrations, their fears, and their angers, using beer bottles that are being thrown, using fireworks, using slogans and big signs that say “refugees not welcome.” One of them said “rapeugees not welcome.” So there is that boiling anger that’s now surfacing. This, I should point out, is a small segment of German society, but it is a very vocal one. On the other side of the station we see 1,700 protestors in support of those victims of the assaults, in support of continuing to open the doors to refugees. But what this kind of tension shows is that deep divide in society.

This dimwit CNN lemming framed the fears of some Germans as unfounded. Seriously? I’d like to have seen her report live from the area around the Cologne cathedral on New Year’s Eve.

Her notion that the violence that erupted last week-end has given Germans “an excuse” to protest would be laughable if it wasn’t so damned disgusting and ignorant, as Germans are sitting around waiting for an “excuse” to take to the streets. Was she kidding? (Sadly, not.) But she was surely eager to make sure everyone knew this was just a “small segment of German society.” Whew! I wouldn’t want to think too many Germans were waking up and speaking out against their own demise. That’s a relief.

When a colleague in the studio asked her about the scope of the protest, she said this. With a straight face. Apparently unfazed by the fact that the German government was shooting water cannons at people protesting organized mass rape of German women by Muslim colonizers invading their once civilized country:

It’s actually fairly contained – contained to just a few hundred. You can see the water cannon now in use. They’re sort of spraying quite a number of the protestors. There’s the water. This is their way of saying, you know, move out of the way. Stop this protest. We will disperse. This behavior is continuing. You can see the water cannon spraying directly into the crowd there to get them to move, to get them to disperse as soon as possible.

Listening to this CNN mouthpiece spout utter nonsense with an air of authority and simmering smugness was appalling. Her willingness to report with such bias against Germans protesting to save their nation was egregious. And that’s putting it mildly.

And then there was the protest with an estimated 1,700 people who support the women who were raped and, apparently, the people who raped them,  revealing quintessential leftist non-thinking. As if you can have it both ways.

If they want to “support” the rape victims, they need to stand against immigration from Islamic countries. Otherwise, the support is a meaningless sentiment on a sign that assuages their guilt and makes them feel like they’ve done something good.

Sickening all the way around.

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Source: Americanthinker